Manufacturing a digital journey.


Redhill Manufacturing are a market leading metal manufacturing business specialising in access, storage and handling equipment for industry.

When Redhill decided to embark on a digitalisation journey to help improve aspects of their organisation, efficiency and time-saving were at the top of their list of priorities.

An investigation into current methods adopted within the business were analysed, to assess areas where digital technology could assist in the day to day operation of the business.

The discovery phase of this project, identified a number of key areas where we could help this growing organisation adopt new methods to improve.

Digital Asset Library

With a UK and European distribution network keen to access digital assets for their own promotional purposes, Redhill were keen to move away from local storage and manual distribution methods of their growing library of content.

An initial investigation of available 'off the shelf' solutions were assessed, alongside the current and future needs of the business and stakeholders.

The system needed clear navigation paths to offer simple routes to access items, to offer unhindered growth and to be easily manipulated and maintained without the use of over complicated file systems.

After establishing the exact requirement we were able to specify a bespoke digital asset library custom fit to their needs.

Order System

Following an assessment of working processes, we identified the need for a simple order system, that allows different departments within the business, to track and update the progress of each order throughout the day. Creating a cloud based system, allowed us to provide the opportunity for field based members of staff, to have access to customer orders in real time.

System alerts have been created to prompt departments and individuals of required actions and APIs have been written to reduce duplicate data entry.

The system has huge potential and will eventually integrate with existing systems to offer single point of entry access to multiple sources of data.

Project Outcome

We are excited to be involved in the digital transformation of this hugely successful business. Early feedback from staff and stakeholders has been positive. We are continuing to develop and refine launched products and systems in development, whilst specifying the next phase of the journey.

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