Google Mobile Update: Favicons


Google Mobile Update: Favicons

As our Digital Marketing Analyst, Alf takes a proactive and insight-led approach to exploring the effectiveness of industry trends and innovations. Here, Alf shares some favicon news and how its implementation can help you to increase the effectiveness of your SEO.

Google has finally allowed us to add a little visual branding to our search results!

Sizeable updates like this can take quite a while to refine behind the scenes. The Favicon update seems to have been fully rolled out now so the next time Google crawls your website, the robots will search for the favicon and add it to the search results.

What on earth is a Favicon?

Remember using Internet Explorer 4? We wish we couldn't either, but it was this version that allowed users to add favourites to our browser (an idea borrowed from Netscape's Bookmarks feature, in my opinion). These bookmarks would make a small version of the logo at 16 x 16 pixels and this would show up within the list of all your favourites (Like Ask Jeeves and Friends Reunited!). They combined the words favourite + icon = favicon, which I guess sounds better than favlogo and here we are! Now, they appear in every browser tab as a visual representation of your brand.

I haven't got a Favicon :(

Oh dear! But not to worry, if you haven't already got a favicon on your website, implementation should be fairly easy to add, particularly with the help of a digital agency. Google have a help page dedicated to defining a favicon here. The recommendations vary slightly, with Google recommending a 96 x 96 pixel square, whereas Wordpress ask for a 512 x 512 pixel square.

If you have a Wordpress website and know how to create a square image, you can add them in the appearance section of the administrator panel within Customise>Site Identity and you’ll find Site Icon:

We anticipate that this will also be rolled out into desktop searches soon, so be sure to check your site for one.

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