Getting to know Katy


Getting to know Katy, our Junior Artworker

Since joining Brown + Cooper through an apprenticeship scheme in July 2019, Katy has become an integral part of our close-knit team. Here, Katy shares her insights around her first few months as a Junior Artworker.

What led to you joining an apprenticeship scheme?

I was looking up career prospects after Uni and came across the idea of entering the industry as an apprentice. I saw that an apprenticeship would have a real focus on teaching me skills alongside work experience, which was a great opportunity for me as a lot of jobs I’d seen would demand a year’s experience, so this was a way to get my foot in the door.

What did you study at University?

Fine Art BA at Coventry University. I picked fine art because I wanted the opportunity to try a range of different specialisms within the art world - I actually ended up switching from starting out as a painter to focusing on working with sculpture elements during the course.

How did you find out about Brown + Cooper?

My recruitment officer Hannah told me about the role to see if this was something I’d be interested in applying for. Once she’d qualified me as a candidate, I then met with Steve to interview for the role of Junior Artworker. I could tell that Steve was passionate about his craft and he was very thorough with making sure that I understood the role and how I would be playing my part across the entire team.

What attracted you to Brown + Cooper as a company?

Before my interview, I was impressed by the imagery on the website and the messaging behind B+C’s approach to delivering services was very clear and concise. I saw that they work with a wide-range of clients and there would be a lot of room for variety within my role. I was also keen to improve my art skills within the digital space, so working alongside a team of focused and very friendly digital creatives seemed like a good fit!

How are you enjoying being part of the Brown + Cooper team?

Everyone’s really friendly and there’s no sense of competition - we’re all a team who are trying to help each other to produce the best work for our clients. It’s also really nice to be part of the team as I get a hands-on view of what everyone is doing and we all play our part across our many clients and projects. It’s a relaxed working environment and everyone is approachable and helpful. We’re encouraged to ask questions, which is helping me to gain a deep understanding of how different specialisms can complement each other. I also have my own parking spot, which is lovely!

Since joining the team, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

I’d say it’s been the process of building up trust and just being able to ‘get it’. This has been my first experience of working within a creative team, and I’m enjoying taking on feedback and producing work that is tailored to our clients’ needs and wants. The variety of my role is something I really like - I didn’t know anything about the back-end of websites before joining and this is another new skill that I’ve gained since August. I’ve also been working on meta descriptions for many of our clients, which is helping me to expand on my digital marketing skills.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Fencing! I also like catching up on films, watching TV and reading. I’m currently making my way through Stephen Fry’s ‘Heroes’; I like how he reworks content and makes the reader consider things from a different perspective. I enjoy problem solving and finding out what works and how it all fits together, so I have quite a few puzzle-style apps on my iPad!

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

Absolutely - my school didn’t push for this at all so it wasn’t really on my radar until I was in further education but I would highly recommend them as there’s nothing more valuable than getting experience.

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